What I Am

I am the skirt flowing around slender legs,
Moving with the feel of the music.
I am the brown eyes of a child
Feeling the certainty of my next step in life.
The green fields are my sanctuary,
And hope lies in the gray skies above.
I am the hair flowing down the back of someone's life,
The pain of the unknown,
And love-hate relationships.
I am a fiddle,
Bubbling with haggis and the excitement of the wind.
Longing to be something more and the joy of what I already have.
I am the spicy taste of ginger and the sweetness of a cookie
I am the Earth.
My friends are the sea and vegetation around me.
I used to look up to the sky, but have found my core
Filled with brown muddy darkness
And fragments of glass corrupting the stillness.
I am myself, my life is my own,
The footprints of others only outlined on my soul.

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