What I Fight For

I see a man kneeling on his knees,
he's been tricked, he's been deceived.
What happened to the country
in which he used to believe?
What happened to the ideals that used to help him breathe,
amidst a world of tyranny?
Now they squeeze his neck, he pleads:
What happened to his freedom, his equality, his liberty??
What happened to this great land,
on which his forefathers tilled the seed?
What happened to those ideals,
born as young unyielding trees?
Who fell them, why didn't he see?
When did he give up his privacy?
Why did he feel so transfixed by dreams of safety
as to bow to those cold eyes, whom now he's facing?

I see confusion in the faithful eyes of the masses,
I see the contortion in the words of the founding liberties.
I see delusion in the bowels of nationalism,
I see execution in the light of day.
I stayed because I am American.
With passion in my heart,
and power in my soul,
I fly

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