What I Get For Thinking

I thought I could never love again,
Then you came along and showed me what love should have been,
I had said,
I only wanted to be a friend,
And maybe with some benefits too,
But that changed the more I got to know you,
The more love you showed,
The more I fell for you deep in my soul,
Your love somehow healed the pain,
The past no longer could control my brain,
Your hugs and kisses,
They answered all my wishes,
I had long searched for a man as big hearted as me,
And when I had given up there you were in front of me,
You still seem,
Like an impossible dream,
Your glorious heart,
Like an unreachable star,
And yet that dream came true,
And I'm touching love's bright star with you,
Sometimes I still thing I'm dreaming,
And if that's the case then let me stay sleeping,
But then I realize I am wide awake,
That this is real not fake,
That's what I get for thinking,
Baby I'm happy that's what I got for thinking.

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This Poems Story

Another story about how I had given up on love and found it. Sometimes when you give up you find what your looking for right in front of you.