What I mean when I say we dance in Nigeria

we carry the moon on our oily faces
and it drops with the sweat from heavy dance steps

the spirit in the fragile strength of our black bones
breaks us into circles and our feet scatter the earth

"Hulu lulu lulu lulu lulu lulu lulu"
A woman's ghostly voice sends shivers to our soul

and something inside us responds to the concord
of drums that echo the ashiness of tomorrow

We trade our breaths with the evening breeze
And melancholy drown our shoulders

the weight of heroes and dead relatives
and the powerlessness of our drums

we hear in the laughter of our kings and clansmen
the croaky call of greed
and our feet stump hard on arid soil

when I say we dance in Nigeria, I mean
we are exhuming the soul of our
we are freeing our mortal bodies from pain

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