What I See Around Me

Hungry for fame,
Manipulated by words,
Sacrificing their aspirations,
Forgetting who they really are

Not a single trait,
To set things straight,
But what can one do,
When the world isn't true

That sweet soul,
Loved by all,
Without a trace,
Has vanished.

Filled with regret,
Nothing could be changed
For it was too late,
And going back wasn't an option.

It is something to ponder,
Why people enter this blunder
Changing their true identity,
To hide their flaws and mediocrity.

The disguise won't stay,
Will wear out one day
Guilty for what they have done,
Begging for all gone astray .

Desperate for love and comfort
To undo what has seized their ecstasy,
The fear of rejection,
A depth of repentance,

Altering who you are,
Isn’t always the best choice,
Every day is another chance,
Always be yourself.

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