What I want in a relationship

Not every one is the same.
But this isn't everyone.
This is what I want in a relationship.
For the one special girl.
That you will have it all.

I'm look ing for a beautiful woman.
Someone who likes to be loved.

She will like to be held.
She will want to cuddle.
Wile watching a movie.
Or all night wile we sleep.

She will like to be kissed.
Morning and night.
And lifted with a hug.

She will like her hand held.
When we walk down the street r hike.
Watching a movie with our hand held.

She will like me to cook for her.
Nothing better then a candle light dinner.

She will like to get flowers.
For I'll give her plenty.

I'm the romantic type.
So I will romance her every day.
I'll make her feel special very day.
She will know how beautiful she is.
For I'll tell her every day.

Shaun D. Weller

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