What I Wish

I wish that you could see, the magic from my song
The power of my words can tell when somethings wrong
For you to feel it to, the tears and time that's spent
The story old as time and this is how it went

I wish that I could sing, and have all my thoughts be heard
That black is beautiful, and cruelness can be learned
I wish I could reach out, and save those shattered lives
Of those who lost their families, and those who goanna die

I wish that I could Show you, with these simple words
The little acts of kindness, the beauty sung by birds and
I wish that I could tell you, I would go great lengths
To reach you when you're down, and focus on your strengths
The world is cruel like people,
the earth collects the tears that have been spent
To only see the sunrise seems childish, but it's what I wish
What I wish

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