What If

By DMAC   

It's been exactly two weeks since our last major fight
All these years spent together does it matter who's right?
Is it normal to give up and just walk up the stairs
To give in to divorce like we tried but who cares?
Did we put in the effort to see it through for our kids
Only to prolong the inevitable and end up just like this?
It seems we quit trying somewhere in between
Losing sight of each other and what our love means
The force that we felt and what drew us together
Disappeared over the years along with forever
The promises once made were forgotten and lost
And everything we vowed was easily crossed
Yet one of us stayed true no matter the pain
And because of that vow a promise remains
The saying seems true we hurt the ones that we love
So if roles got reversed could you rise above?
Quick to point fingers and announce petty faults
Now several years later is our marriage the cost?
If you were given some paper and then given a pen
Would your fault column be so easily read?
It was never about dependence or not noticing your lies
I just wanted to believe that true love never dies
One thing that i know is you loved me at first
One thing that i don't is why you felt i deserved this
Throughout the fighting and stress we still felt a click
Thinking it was just chemistry not the proverbial match lit
I hate to admit you know the way to my heart
As easily as you complete it you also tear it apart
Had you stopped for one moment or possibly two
Had you thought for a second what if she'd done this to you
Would you have been so forgiving and looked past all my lies
Could you have forgave me not once but several more times?

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    This Poems Story

    A version of how easily lines can be crossed, promises broken along with hearts and just how big or small things seem to one does not make them any easier to forget or any less hurtful. A reminder of the impact you may have on one another and just how easily feelings and actions can be over looked until the shoes on the other foot!