What If?

What if everything was as clear as black and white,
what if all the world could see heavens light
What if skin tones were merely a shade,
instead of a defining factor in society these days?
What if you cared for me the way I care for you-
would if be so funny if I said I loved you?
Could you see your future in my eyes,
would you write my name out in the sky?
Could we take that chance, maybe make that leap,
and see if our love could last an eternity?
Could you be the milk to my shake,
will you hold me tight and keep me safe?
Would you be my protector, be all that I need...
and when we danced, would you take the lead?
And when the rain clouds came, would you still be there
with an umbrella big enough for us to share?
And when the last rain dropped and all that was left was a dew,
would you still whisper the words: I love you?
And when the rainbow revealed itself in the sky,
would you be my pot of gold on the other side?
Could you love me unconditionally,
despite all the disappointment others see in me?
Would our love last?
Are we meant to be?
If only I knew if you cared for me.

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