What If

What if groundhogs by sidewalks were actually spiders?
Would you walk nearby or take paths much wider?

What if eagles had fins instead of their wings?
Would they swim deep in the ocean or mountain hot springs?

What if water turned to steam every day at noon?
Would we all float away straight up to the moon?

What if cows said roar and lions said moo?
Would we giggle and laugh while we walk through the zoo?

What if money was made out of provolone cheese?
I would not put much cash in my pocket with keys.

What if dolphins had a big orange chicken beak?
Would they cluck more often than their usual squeak?

What if Bigfoot actually had small feet in rather big shoes?
Could they be small aliens with costumes to perpetuate their ruse?

What if clowns were serious and judges were fools?
What if monkeys were plumbers with bananas for tools?

What if we took baths in ice cream filled with chocolate cookie dough?
I might go to work quite sticky with it in my hair and my toes?

What if we replaced hello with the greeting I love you?
Strangers would walk by with smiles they couldn't undo.

What if ranch dressing was hot sauce that made your eyes water?
I'd dip my chicken nuggets in deep and only give one to my daughter.

What if telephones could hear your very own thoughts?
I'd be very careful not to reveal any nefarious plots.

What if snowflakes tasted like peppermints as they float through the sky?
I'd travel around the globe so I could eat them in July.

What if giraffes had short necks and hopped like kangaroos
They would probably need knee braces and much better shoes.

So many What Ifs to ponder as we progress through our lives.
Never stop wondering, it's the fuel that makes us all thrive.

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