What if..A..You Will…

What if I died?
What if you cried?
What if no one tried?
What if no one will hide.
What if we lied?
What if they drowned in the tide?
What will we confide?
What if you matched my stride?

A dark shadow.
A quiet meadow.
A depth that's shallow.
A log that's hollow.
A flower that's yellow.
A song that's mellow.
A fellow that says "hello".
A nice soft pillow.
A weeping willow.
A giggly piece of jell-o.

I was hoping your door would be open.
You blackmail & bribe.
But I do not hide.
I am aware of your obvious stare.
Do you care to make a wager?
That I can predict your nature.
You will make the first mistake.
A promise you will break.
A commitment you will fake.
A sin you will make.
You will go to a fire lake.
Die in a violent earthquake.
I can celebrate with cake.
For your sake a chance I won't take.
From a nightmare you won't wake.
I don't blame the rain.
I can't drain the pain.
I can't tame what remains. You are insane.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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