What If And Why


I cannot change what life has dealt,
I cannot change the feelings I've felt.
Through circumstance and the willing to give,
I chose a life, so others may live.

I do not regret the years that have gone by,
I sometimes just wonder, what if and why.
How would it be different, where would I be,
Would I be happy, would the Lord still have blessed me.

There are reasons for everything in what life dishes out,
You either accept them, or you choose another route.
Wherever life takes you, or what avenue you walk down,
It's all up to you, there is no blame to be found.

I look at the streets and avenues I've gone down,
It's simply amazing and somewhat profound.
The what ifs and whys won't alter a thing,
You have to accept it because you can't change
what life brings.

You may look back at a picture that you might want to see,
The truth of the matter this is where you should be.
No matter the choice, or what sacrifice you make,
Your life is predetermined, there are no mistakes.

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