What if I tell you

This poem is by me: Alisciana.

What if I tell you that life is a process
And that process take time
That time take persistence
That perseverance nurture a beautiful framework with a prepossessing mind.

That even grieve, depression, heart break, unsoundness of mind, family dilemma, even he or she chalk talk can't rapture that.

When reasoning everyone perceive who they are,
But still we tend to listen,
Indeed listen skilled knowledge, and knowledge guide understanding.
Understanding open truth
Truthfulness open light
Gleaming that shed every darkness
Get rid of every fear till we feel at peace.

Outrageously our world operate in both ways,
In some cases truthfulness start bringing question, examination that bring confusion.
Confusion start chaos.
Chaos start war.
Bloodshed bring intense death.

What if I tell you in that case, doubt is responsible.
Doubt make us thing irrelevant things like,
'I can't do this' 'i'm dumb, that's what I'll ever be', 'your pretty good for you I'm ugly shame on me'.
'i want what they have' 'in two more days I shall be like her', 'the world does not and never will revolve around me, don't you get it?'.

I don't. Because thruth is, we all know that we're incomparable made, worth living, deserve to be respected and agreeing too.
Really doubt control my truth and your truth in some cases.

Next time you listen to facts knows yours first,
Next time you attend others opinion claim your verity first.
If not life will weight you down, pick you up, only to let you down again.

Till you feel unachievable, unavailing, fruitless, purposeless,
You can use which word you want, it till you feel inadequate, hopeless, weak, bad.

If we are not living life the right way, was life worth living in the first place.

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