What if I Told You

Hey you I’ve got a question,
What if I told you I’m not the best in
Playing the part you wanted me to?
What if I told you I could never do
All the things you needed from me.
What if I told you I did not see
The point of believing in a God.
That all along you were following a fraud.

What if I told you I was trans or gay
Would you retrieve your bible and pray
Over me telling me that I’m a disgrace
To this world ‘cuz you simply can’t face
The fact that I go against the ideals of this family.
Would you cling on to your morals of Christianity
And drill it into my head that I’ll never be loved?
Would you disown me and tell me I’m only related by blood?

What if I told you I held a gun to my enemy
And instead shot the one I loved ahead of me
‘Cuz he moved as I released the trigger.
What if I told you that same guy called me a nigger
And shot my mom in front of my little sister.
Pinned her down, bruised her and kissed her
But got away due to the color of his skin.
What if I told you I hated the world we’re in.

What if I told you I was born in poverty
That I’d sneak out to commit a robbery
Just so my family wouldn’t starve to death.
That I watched my boy take his first and last breath.
That my mother and father were never around
‘Cuz crystal meth drove them to the ground.
What if because of this I was left with scars
Leading me to things that put me behind bars.
Do you think you would still love me,
Or would you consider me a crime to society?

What if I told you love should not be subjective.
That no matter what we deserves the respect of
Each other. What if no matter who we are
Or the what choices we make. No matter our scars
Or the lifestyles we so choose to partake
No matter our guilt from our gravest mistakes
We are all deserving of an unconditional love
That not a single being can take away.
What if love is something we all felt every day.

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