What If Should Be What’s Now

What if we all got along?
What if we locked arms with our neighbors?
What if our enemies weren’t as strong?
What if pay mirrored a hard days labor?

What if our words could be as loud as our actions?
What if all races were shown equal respect?
What if we just accepted all sexual orientation?
What if people and animals never saw neglect?

What if love had no prejudice?
What if we took care of our homeless?
What if our safety took some precedence?
What if we empowered the broken to not feel helpless?

What if violence wasn’t the answer?
What if harmful drugs didn’t exist?
What if we turned all sadness into laughter?
What if there wasn’t a criminal we couldn’t convict?

What if a woman was valued as much as man?
What if politicians made real decisions instead of just millions?
What if contraceptives were free for all women?
What if peace among nations wasn’t just a vision?

What if our schools could just be safe havens?
What if mental illness was never ignored?
What if background checks for guns were more painstaking?
What if we didn’t have to worry about going outside anymore?

What if our veterans could come home to guaranteed jobs and long term care?
What if money didn’t dictate happiness?
What if we took action instead of just relying on prayer?
What if we were more mindful and had less hastiness?

What if all our problems had easy solutions?
What if to solve them we just used our witt?
What if tomorrow was today and we started a new revolution?
Let’s say less of what if and just do it.

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This poem talks about the problems we see and face everyday and how we need to change or take action to fix these problems.