What if there was more?

What if there were three suns, not one;
Would we glow?
Would skin turn gold?
Would it be so hot
That even our thoughts
Melt into a puddle of blubbering words?
Would we watch three sunsets in a day?
Three fireballs sizzle away
And drown in the deep?
Three paths of liquid gold to take
If we could walk on water?

What if there were no mirrors;
Would our fears
And insecurities disappear?

There could always be more to everything.
But look at what we already possess:
Mirrors so we can obsess
Over good complex-
tion. Four seasons, one sun, so we don’t burn to death.
Out of an infinite deck of worlds
We chose this one.
So don’t complain about what could have been
When we’re ‘ready living a beautiful dream.

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