What Influence Can Do

This isn't another sad story about what influence can do to you,
I'm just here to tell you what it can do.
As hard as I try, I'll never understand
how you can let a bottle get out of hand.
You just need some event to get you down
and thinking another drink can help it drown.
I've seen things around me get a little crazy;
that could be why I'm messed up, maybe.
Now, I have bad anxiety and I can't stop thinking
about things that could happen and their possibilities.
I've tried a few pills, and they calmed me down;
but then the next day, it's the other way around.
All addiction is an abusive substance
that messes with your life and causes your absence.
At an early age, this is what your children see-
that part of the story involves me.
I remember crying because of what you did,
and the trauma from this is the reason why I hid.
And now as an adult, those times are still there;
and as hard as I try to forget, I still seem to care.
Now that they got help, maybe things will be better-
the times will change if we stick together.
But you'll never understand what influence can do,
unless everything I've said has happened to you.

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