What Is?

What is this feeling that I feel?
This feeling makes my inside so unstill.
What are these thoughts my mind possess?
These thoughts have such faness!
What is this pain that will never go?
I continuously tell it no.
Why will my heart be broken by your name?
My feelings will be put to shame.
You promise there is love inside us all.
With those remarks I am apall.
Your lies are as cunning as a snake.
My heart says you are a fake!
Yet my love continues to grow.
No matter the amount of times I say no!
You remind me of a theif,
being all your words are full of beef.
Never will you be the one!
The one that may bear me a son.
The lies you tell,
Yes, they make you fail.
We say it's love,
as sweet as a dove.
I must tell the truth,
You are a doof.
I see through your words.
Flying past them like a group of birds.
I must leave now.
Yet I question how..?

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