What is a blessing?

What is a blessing?

Our heavenly Father and his creation of all existing
Light, dark, day, and night there´s nothing missing
Life and love ´ with all it brings
Even the difficult or simplest things

The creation of man´ from dust
And companionship God felt´ was a must
The rib taken´ from man
To complete creation´ of woman

Life had to continue to exist
That´s why our Father had a perfect plan in the mist
The plan was for you and me to stay
In a world fill with happiness from day to day

Yes! We can smell and feel the air
So fresh and crisp felt everywhere
Now the flowers and trees
Does just what God meant it to breed

Every animal we see’ are essential for the world
As a monkey climbing on a tree ´just like a squirrel
Every living creature or being has a purpose in this world
Including all shades of boys and girls

Let´s take it day by day
And stop worrying about things and just pray
When you lay down´ at night
And then wake up´ it´s alright!

God gave us the choice´ to do as we please
And through our voice´ we can stand for his victory
No matter´ how hard it seems today
Each day is a blessing anyway´

Now ´ take a breath of the air
Life is good´ and fair
Satan will always through a curve
That´s why you need to stay up on God´s words

Sandra G. Rudolph-James

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