what is a bully

What is a bully
By:jumaya brandon
What is a bully?
A bully is someone whose sole purpose in life is to bring others down
They seem to get their power from seeing others frown
There are 3 main types that you will see
There’s physical,verbal,and cyber bullies
They say talk to an adult
Cause it’s not your fault
You go to school and there they are waiting
But what you don’t know is that they're hating
Jealous of you, your life, your personality
They want what you have, your friends, your family
And because of them now you have anxiety
Your mom and dad start taking you to therapy
And now your self-esteem is 6 feet deep
The words they say now follow you to sleep
3.2 million students are bullied every year
And now their all living in fear
Online they can hide behind their devices
Without thinking about what the price is
Your being bullied because they lack attention
That's something that they would rather not mention
You know those unexplained bruises on your friend's arm
That's the number 1 sign that you should be out on alarm
A decline in grades is another big sign
Whatever they say they are not fine
They start to think of making a permanent solution to a temporary problem
But suicide is not the way to solve em
But you can’t let their words get to you
They may seem strong but you are too
Bullying happens to everyone,everyday
And it up to us to make it go away
It's up to us to speak for the unspeakable
Because bullying is hard but not unbeatable
So let's not spread hate for once,be different,be nice
Because being kind comes at no price

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