What is a Fiction Writer?

A mindful multitasker making multitudinous mysteries,
with the mix of mitigating most miscellaneous miseries.
They’re a retaliating rebel
resuscitating relics for revival,
refusing redundant replications
recollected in recitals.
Picture a predecessor predating paleolithic passages,
proving parallel polarities
possible through passiveness.

I’m a neoteric nomad navigating through neon nebulas,
nimble on a nimbus, not so normal, never was;
or a kid collectively connecting kinetic calligraphy,
because kaleidoscopes can characterize continually.
Although my dialect can mimic derelicts,
this diagram demonstrates
dialogue past a demigod destined to devastate.

Truly, we’re transcendentalists
training to try out telepathy,
time traveling through teleportation telekinetically.
Put simply,
we’re supernova stars, signaling series of synonyms,
as if we’re a synecdoche for
serializing sociocentric syndicates!

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