What Is a Friend?

A hand that holds you when you fall,
A bright smile from a person which dismisses your distress,
A wholesome applause to celebrate your achievements,
Someone who cheers for you, and amplifies your success.

A friend is the one, to whom you can talk everything,
A person who knows you, not to judge you at all,
A friend, is one who gives his shoulder for support,
Not to let you cry on the miseries, but to stand against them all.

A friend, is close to you, however far in distance,
A friend is never away from your heart.
A friend knows when you need a friend,
For friendship has warmth and love to impart.

A friend is the one who stands by you,
When the whole world turns its back;
Content I am to have your compassion and love
Else, I would be just a clock-bound mortal sack.

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This Poems Story

The poem is about friendship and its importance in our life. When friends are close, we do not understand the importance of friendship; but when, they are not with us, we realize how much importance does it hold for us.