What is a Life?

By Hanji   

Think about it.
How you were given life.
Did you come from a stork?
Or just from some type of tree?
Or maybe just a simple egg?

When you’re around others
You wonder how they came to be.
How were they given life?
What did someone have to do in order to give them the life they are now living?

Not a lot of people think about this
Nor should they
But it’s very fascinating to know how most people came to be

The downside to a life is how easily it can be taken
It takes a long time to develop and create such a being
But it only takes seconds to get rid of it
Some don’t value this
It only takes one thing, at one time
To end a life

Most base the value of someone’s life based upon how they look
How they talk, walk, dress, where they grew up, and their knowledge
It takes nine months to create and develop a life
But only seconds to take it away
They lost their lives to someone who doesn’t value the lives to a certain group
They lost their lives to someone who hates another life
A life
Same as theirs
This person hates this life
For whatever reason
Enough to take it away
Leaving that life’s memories behind
They did no wrong
Only living
And being the life that they were supposed to live
But now that’s stripped away from them
All because of someone’s hatred

Did you ever wonder how someone was brought upon this earth?

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I wrote this on a whim, I know it's not that great but I actually did my best and wrote this.