What Is Art?

Art is a form of expression that allows one's own spirit
to be free and limitless to the journeys of life.
It is the realm that is eternal within us all;
it is the celebration of life at its best.
Art can be expressed in many different and unique ways;
I believe that art gives us the opportunity to be our
true selves or to explore
the never-ending windows of existence.
Art is the deciphering of human nature
and the practice of passion.
It is a force through an energy that is
in constant motion longing for its sanctuary.
To link creative writing, visual arts and theatre
together means that their differences may have
one thing in common:art. It is what moves us
from place to place, from mind to mind, from
spirit to spirit, from soul to soul until
it becomes one in the universe.
Art is the energy, the love, the risk-taking,
the sacrifice and the wisdom of everything
we are made of, in order to create magnificence
in all that is life, death and resurrection.
These are only some of the vital elements
that describe what art is and what defines art.
In closing, if art becomes a way to sell one's
soul at a price, I believe it to be
prostitution of nature; art is bearing the fruit
of God's love and prosperity deep
within one's spirit to be given back into the world.

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