What Is Art?

At night, stand on a beach, staring out
into the jet-black, inky waters.
It's hard to see where the water ends and the sky begins.
The boundaries between transparent liquid and black sky are blurred
on a night without moon or stars-cloudy, desolate,
yet there is hope.
This is art.

In the day, stand in a rainforest engaging all five senses.
Have your eyes see all the vibrant colors,
have your ears hear all the chatter of the animals,
have your nostrils smell all the sweet scents,
have your tongue taste all the delicious fruit,
have your skin feel the sun, the cool breezes-
and there is joy.
This is art.

In the evening, stand amidst the bustling crowds in Times Square.
Look up at the bright lights and the flashing screens.
They show people from all over the world:
people of all backgrounds, all ethnicities, all races-
and there is love.
This is art.

What is art?
All around us with
no beginning and no end-
this is art.

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This Poems Story

I am a sixteen-year-old student of Bronx High School of Science. Art has always been an influence in my life. I grew up with visual arts all around me. My home has always been an art gallery where my father paints and sculpts. My grandmother and mother are practitioners of the literary arts. Therefore poetic expressions are generous in my life. Art therefore is in the eye of the beholder and I think that poetry is an appropriate medium through which I can express art. I also dance act and draw a complete immersion in the arts.