What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?
Beauty is the morning sun, the day begins for everyone
Beauty is the morning dew, young and fresh, the day is new
Beauty is the forest green, brooks and river’s glistening sheen
Beauty is the smell of spring, the graceful arch of eagle’s wing
Beauty is a blooming flower, pert and bright from morning shower
Beauty is the moon and stars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars
Beauty is a summer night, the glowing moon’s glimmering light
Beauty is a child’s laughter, bringing joy now and after
Beauty is a kitten’s purr, to touch and stroke its downy fur
Beauty is a puppy’s tricks, wagging his tail, your nose he licks
Beauty is the rolling sea, strolling along, he and she
Beauty is a way of life, father, mother, husband, wife
Beauty is a work of art, showing feeling from the heart
Beauty is a book of knowledge, opening doors for career and college
Beauty is goodness and truth, what we hope will guide our youth
Beauty is the joy of love, a gift to us from one above
Beauty is the will to live, to love, to hate, to want, to give
Beauty is living each day, being an individual in every way
Beauty is the setting sun, reflecting upon the day’s work done

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