What Is Constant?

I yearn to find something constant in life

The undulating of your waves remain constant, Ocean
Steadying my pulse and reminding me to breathe
In and out following soft increments of three
I exhale as your waves crash, and inhale as they make their retreat
Alas, even nature is fleeting
Your tranquil, repetitive pattern is sustained until hi-tide
You carry me away to a faraway land
I wake washed ashore and longing to return home
Earth orbits around her brother, Sun
I warn her to be cautious of his seductive, golden rays
Enthralled by his blinding idealism
She may one day fall prey to his light, such as Icarus
Remember, Earth, you cannot survive without Moon
"Do you want to slow, Earth?"
Every rotation she completes
I feel strength being pulled from my bones
Weighed down by gravity and trivial obligations
My bones are becoming brittle now, but still she races

I yearned to find something constant in life
But I have realized that the only constant is change itself

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