What Is His Pain

Not a care in the world but everyone tries,
lonely man on the corner so empty inside,
but the sun has a smile so why shouldn't he,
no money in his pocket and nothing to eat,
no shoes on his feet but he continues to walk,
just as thirsty as before but continues to talk,
everyone looks not knowing the truth,
everyone judges unless it is you,
so why no money why no food to eat?
why no water to drink nor soles on his feet?
all that he knows is that he has no wife,
he has no daddy little girls he tucked in at night,
he prays to the lord heavenly father why me?
didn't believe in his faith so he turned to the streets,
why blame a mans mind for going insane?
why not try to feel, that mans pain.
yes I can help well add lease I can try,
but it may not be able to fill you inside,
so the next time a man asks for change,
ask him what is his struggle, ask him what is his pain.

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