What Is It

The way we have sex isn't the same anymore
Why does it seem so easy for you to just ignore
Why isn't the feeling the same like before
Have you gone and let someone else explorer
Please tell me whats going on between us
Am i not the one that you lust to when you bust boo,
Did your love for me disappear
Am i not the name that you want to hear
Let me know if i am over reacting
Because if i'm not then i'm going start packing
If its the case it'll eliminate all the fuss and fights
The truth always come to the light
I hate knowing that "I was right"
Whats happening to our love
Were fading away so fast
Are we not meant to last,
Its just being thrown away like a piece of trash
I really don't want to harass
But tell me, let me know,
Are we a thing of the past
Did our love just crumble before our very eyes
Is our relationship worth saving and compromised
Maybe it was all just nothing but all lies
Before i leave i just want you to know this
I love you and i hope you know this,
You were my heart and nothing will ever change the way i feel
You mean the world to me so Please
Let me know is this where you want to be
Or is this where i'm not suppose to be

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