What Is It?

There he is dapper, handsome and smart
declaring he loves me with all of his heart
examining my feelings I heave a big sigh
with all of his attributes no feelings have I

What causes this great passionate emotion
that binds two people with such devotion
if you try to figure it out with your brain
it will absolutely, positively drive you insane

Poems are written about IT
Songs are sung about IT
Kingdoms were fought for IT
Fortunes were lost for IT

Oh, look at that nice looking man over there
why, he's returning my look with a flattering stare
what is that funny feeling causing my heart to flutter
as he politely introduces himself I began to stutter

Is this the emotion they are all talking about
Its made me a victim without a doubt
The answer to my wondering is very plain
LOVE is just something that can't be explained.

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