What Is It About You?

What is it about you?
Everything I have in me tells me to quit, walk away,
Give back all the things that makes us....us.
My heart that hurts so loudly,
Ringing in my ears from the thoughts in my mind.
I close my eyes and picture us,
Being the perfect pair made from these imperfect realities.

But what is it about you?
That when I touch you, your feel is worse than...
Any drug or venomous serpent, that once bitten,
I fall into a calming slumber of thoughts.
One touch and my heart freezes,
And my mind begins to recalculate,
making sense out of the chaos that makes none at all.

What is it about you?
That one touch of your lips and I forget.
Thoughts start to tarnish the feelings,
Making them into faint memories that fade into the subconsious.
You delicately making moves, reformulating the current situation.
Convincing me without words to wait,
To allow you to rebuild what you have torn down; until the next time!

What is it about you?!

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