What is it like to be a woman?

I cannot walk alone at night
I have my keys between my fingers
I have 911 dialed and ready
I hold on to my purse so tight
I start to walk faster
I’m in my car and lock the doors
I call my mom while I walk 10 steps into my house
I’m home safe
I go to take a shower
I stare at myself in the mirror
And it starts to become clearer
That I hate my body
I critique and compare
I want to stop, but I stare
At all my imperfections. I cry
I tell my friends I’m fine, but I’m not
My heart races, my body shakes
Panic attack
I get into bed and go on my phone
I scroll through my feed of super models and feel alone
I stop. I scroll back. I read a post
Wow. This girl. She’s so strong
Her caption says, “You are beautiful, you are worth it.”
I turn off my phone
I repeat the words in my head while I lay in my bed
I am beautiful, I am worth it

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