What Is Life?

What is life when death is longer?
What is life to those who aren't sober?
What is life to those who don't live?
Is it such waste to see the world so dull
Or the beauty that shrouds you like the autumn fall?
Are people as good as many think they may be
Or is there more than the prying eye can see?
Life is a mystery, a secret so profound,
That even the whole world has not yet found
Its twists and turns may pull you apart
But that's the beauty of making a new start
Look upon the starry skies
So bright through your dim eyes
The pinkish hue in the air
Gives you life when things aren't fair
The angels with metallic wings,
Set a path for all living things
If you are to gaze at the sky
What do you see, would you want to die?
Wave this cloud that shrouds you away
See the world as it is without people to give you a say
Life is important and I want to see you live
Forget all the things that you last did
Because what is life if you don't even live?
Because what is life if you never stop to see the beauty it holds?
What is life if your story isn't told?

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