What is life?

How am I supposed to smile when this world is wild?
Got us locked and stocked and blocked up like no phone dials,
With little to no style I don't even want to dress,
These brands bland I rather take no stance I battle with bigger plans
When you real they just kill you,
Or send you off it comes across as civilized blues.
I watch the youth cruise and head to a different edge,
Wedge between legs then shake when they make eggs.
I just cheese to please a few camera lens,
But on inside I sigh I try to fool myself again.
Dropped out of college my knowledge is in a different realm,
My brain is shell but it dwells upon many spells.
Can't you tell I'm a superstar but my glows low,
My ego gone yet I'm frog looking at tadpoles.
I love us all although us all don't even love us back,
I'm black but my light exceeds every broken crack.
Piece life together wherever you might decide to grow,
And shake the hate cause it comes when you decide to grow.
I show my soul every now and then but I like to hide it,
Cause the devil keep rallying he wants to get inside it.
Oh so childish but we kiddin we all had the feeling,
But I guess the blessed get all stressed when God reveals the real them.

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