What Is Lost?

I think that maybe this time,
I really did lose something here,
I do not know what it is,
but i know its gone because,
I feel it gone, I can feel a change,
Something's wrong, that doesnt feel the same,
I can still see your sun, I still breath your air,
I wait for the moment, that it is not there,
I tear apart the thoughts, I have inside,
I swear to god whats lost,
seperates yours from mine,
I want to prey, but I do not belive,
anything can replace, what is missing,
and i cannot take, what i see as the truth ,
because what if these are not, my eyes i use,
so like before i was born, i am blind again,
I struggle to find, what am i again,
nothing is gone, still i pretend,
and these are, the things,
that i have always, tried to hide,
from you, inside.

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