What is love?

Ever wondered?what love really is?
Is it over-rated about all that bliss?
Turns out it isn’t something you really think,
It isn’t what happens at first sight or within a single blink.
The perfect face isn’t the goal,
It’s more about finding the perfect soul.
It’s all about a perfect heart,
Something that can’t happen with a Cupid’s dart.
Love knows no castes,love knows no creeds,
It’s about putting someone before your needs.
And yes it doesn’t need to be perfect , can be blind,
But it isn’t something so hard to find.
Just look at the way sun loves the sky,
If not for its sake how could it ever dare to burn so high.
And the love of a raindrop for the earth,
Falling fearlessly from somewhere high in the mysterious place of its birth..
But now here ‘s a doubt,
Something I want you to think about-
"Falling in love" why is it said so?
In love why aren’t you supposed to rise n grow?
Because love begins when vanity,vainglory end,
For love to flourish desires and disdains are bound to bend.

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