What is Love?

As I lay here in my bed I ask myself, what is love?
You'd be surprised what's floatin' inside of my head.
It's a feeling you get that is like no other.
And you sometimes think as though you are dead.
There's a hurricane rolling waves all inside you.
Those white caps break as you sit and wait to hear those special words.
You're nervous that the feelings you have held deep are gonna prematurely surge.
Causing a purge between your emotions.
This side saying what did you do? That side saying you are no fool.
But in the end when the battle is over and your mind is finally healthy and sober.
You realize that your mind doesn't have control.
That this feeling is deeper than even your soul.
And that is our ultimate goal.
Pure happiness is what I once learned.
And it's what every individual constantly yearns.
Yet it burns deep within because we fear the most.
The loss of that feeling where we turn into ghosts.
So we hold on to that person and never let go.
Giving all that we have to them just to bestow.
That we see ourselves in that significant other.
Our best friend, our everything, our secret lover.
So out heart slowly hovers ever closer to our mouth.
And out palms they start to rain like the forests of the south.
No doubt in your mind that is what you're feeling.
That happiness inside is soaring past the ceiling.
Not a single moment is better than the last.
As long as you're with that special someone the time just travels too fast.
So your line you will cast trying to catch hold of the sun.
Hoping that it will never set and ruin all the fun.
But no need to run. For they will always be right there.
The feeling is equal and there will be plenty of sequels.
For the rest of your life, to the end of our time.
Just like this here rhyme.
Love is the bond between two, something we all want to pursue.
It is wonderful, beautiful, nothing more powerful than that three word phrase.
As my heart starts to raise.
No meaning so deep as I love you.

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