What Is Love?

What is love?
What is love?
What is love you may ask.
Is it, caring for those who need someone to hold and support them?
Is it, being passionate and affectionate towards the person you adore?
Can it be shared between two best friends who will never part?
Can it be shared between two strangers who never met each other?
Will we ever know the true meaning of the word or action of "love?"

What is love?
Can it be rated on a scale from one to ten?
Can it define who a person is or will be in life?
Can love be stripped away from a person's life forever?
Is it wrong to love a person when you're not in love with them?
Is love limited to only those who are closest to you?
Should we judge those who don't love the same way we do?
So tell me, do you know what love is?

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