What Is Love?

Is love when the clouds pour vicious feelings
on the earth when it is dry?
Could that be love? Or is love the sight of a mothers first born
so gentle and sweet. But when she
surveys the child it becomes her first light.
As she holds the baby she smiles, grasping it's body
Filled with the beginning of life.
Some say," I love you to the moon and back".
But honestly How far is that?
Is to the moon and back far enough?
Or is the space between the earth and moon
bigger than love?
Maybe love is about feeling?
When a person loves they become more revealing.
I can feel happy, sad, mad, and I can feel her.
They say love makes you blind, so maybe love is just a blurr.
I've seen love in movies and love tatted on someone's body.
Why are we meant to love somebody?
We can miss love even when it's clear as a crystal.
Love is ancient, some say love is mythical.
You can be staring at the one while they talk without even listening.
You can love the wrong person and it be your own sentencing.
But my last theory is that love is an action.
You do what you love and for those with your personal satisfaction.
So for the ones who fight for it, they will always be wining.
But to me God is love because he died for all of our sinning

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