What is love?

By Manolo   


What is love? Everyone asks,
An intimidating question,
Feelings are more discouraging
A difficult task for the fuzzy mind
Distortion shadows, I might find

What is love? My heart wonders,
A magical touch
A caring spell
That craves people so much,
Feelings waiting to be explore

To be found in the soul, what is love?
A loving grace,
A warm feeling to hold,
Is a true heart the one who loves?
Loving wisdom to share,

Love is like the fresh winter,
You cannot see it, but you can feel it,
Winter is for those
With no warm memories
Is that love? My heart asks,

Love is something the eye cannot see,
And something your heart believes
Feeling your heart trusts
Feelings waiting to be explore
Love with a caring touch

So tell me what is love?

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This Poems Story

One night feling blue and lonly started to write, and the title of my poen was what is love? I'm deeply in love with a nice and beatiful girl that i was priviledge to meet about a year ago, I love her so much