what is love

What is love
I always wondered
Is it pain of unfulfilled desire
Or happiness of achieved
Harmony and moment of bliss
That you stole from your destiny
Where from the love comes
From the darkness of night
Or morning light
From the heart’s longing
Of unspeakable tenderness
Or it is an utmost sacrifice
To protect those
Whom you cherish the most
Unanswered question in my mouth….
That I try to swallow but
It comes back
Love is in the air
That we breathe
And in the glass of water that we drink
And in the food that we eat
If you take a moment
To savor the world
In every way it opens up to you
You will feel love
In every drop of rain
And ray of sun
And blink of the starts
In the dark sky of the night
In the breath of a child
In an old man’s sight
In your own heart

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