What Is Music?

More than a menagerie of notes placed upon a staff-
Music provokes emotion; it can make us cry or make us laugh.
Music can change a mindset as it soothes the savage beast-
Music can set a festive mood as we gather for a holiday feast.
Music has oftentimes been called the universal thread
All people can relate to when there are no words that can be said.
Having been born to a house of music, music then is a part of me,
What music is not is tangible; it's not a thing you can touch or see.
So, what then is music, we ponder, and in conclusion we find,
That music can be a wonder of the world or simply a state of mind:
From the mind of composer to the mind of musician
To the minds of the fans that they please,
A connection is made as the music is played,
The end result offering all a release.
Music becomes a time machine as memories of times gone by
Are instantly awakened as the music plays,
A power no human can defy.
The question "What is music?" will yield many a unique answer,
But all uniquely will agree on music's power as a life enhancer.
Music offers so much good-I can't imagine life without it!
How mundane an existence if that were so, there's no doubt about it!
Sing out whenever you feel it; play dashboard drums or air guitars,
Don't pass up a chance to dance: music makes everyone a superstar!

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