What Is My Bible?

My bible is more than a book I have sitting on my shelf
It's a way to learn about the world, about the Lord, about myself
My bible is a manual
That Emmanuel, has left for us
To help us overcome our evil ways and thus, send us in a new direction
For Christ has saved our lives through his death and resurrection
What is my bible?
My bible is more than a change, I never got to--
It's a step I'm taking to understand how to reach out to you
It is a tool that will drill me, the screw, into the walls of holiness
The bible has shown me why God has given me my deliverance!
Maybe he sees something in me--
Something that I have yet to see, or receive
But, I do know this: my old, sinful life is diminished
Because what I start, I finish
And now, since that life is finished I'm starting anew
Opening a window to see God because now I'm set on a new view
It is you who are Christ
You are the head of my life
And I'm seriously trying to get to you
So I don't just read my bible, I live by it too!
Because that's what my bible is, Lord, it is the word of you
The rules and regulations provided by you
The standards that, without your grace, I could never live up to!
Well, I know what my bible is, so what about you?

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