What Is Needed?


Ravenous walks to an aisle.

Her right thumb softly rubs on her masked chin
as her marron eyes roll rightward
Her lioness appetite craves for fulfillment.
The Desserts have on their enticing icing accessories.
Cakes on the top shelf
ready to be guests at her friend's birthday.
Donuts one shelf below
warmed for a future ride along with her boyfriend cop.

Ravenous lays on her sealed chin
as her marron eyes lurch leftward.
Her lioness appetite contemplates on nutrition.
The Vegetables do not have the Desserts' makeup.
Broccoli bushed in prayer for Ravenous
to build trust in how they can aid her high sugared father.
Carrots contained in plastic hope to feel safe
in the arms of Ravenous's younger jovial brother.

Her marron eyes are stuck in the middle of the aisle,
still not knowing what can appease the rumbling
in her abdomen.

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