What Is Pride?

What is pride?
Its when you love your lips, your roots, your thighs
Full lips, I can't deny the truth they tell I can't hide
This hispanic rage is burning on the inside
For those that have struggled to provide
In a country that hates to see them thrive but on a regular they strive
Migrating from countries that have lost control
All the wealth one section of the country holds
Leaving the rest in the isolation and bitter, cold grasps of poverty
They slip through the cracks and end up in a country that breaks their backs
Doing work that gets that stack that barely pays the small shack that lacks space for peace of mind
And although I'm stressed enough I will consistently grind
Until for my country I can provide so that they may rise so that my people won't have to swim through tides of Caribbean waters to land on another side
When over on this side we have lost sight of the things that matter
Only worried about climbing the financial ladder
Obtaining degrees that simply don't matter
Pockets of the pig headed politicians getting fatter
While we yelling our lives matter
Brains of colored folk splattered by these cops that shatter our freedom, makes me feel as though we don't really need em
We need more love cause with hate we won't levitate, It's sad to see that we have allowed the severity of the situation to escalate at such a tremendous rate
Let's change the error of our ways before it becomes too late
Before we wind up further in this state of confusion, lets stop following for these malicious illusions
I've come down to a conclusion
We must unite they can't bring us all down if we all put up a fight
From light skin to brown skin they are demolishing all of our rights
Our ancestors they mistreated but regardless of it all our communities were undefeated
They proceeded to repopulate everyday they worked to redefine or fate so I want us all in this moment to meditate and retaliate with a new state of mind in which we seek to find a better day for yours and mines

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