what is seen

What didn't I let my self see? What did I blind from my eyes to spare my heart from the sight before me. Will there be some memory even if my eyes where blinded to what I want unseen. How will the truth come out for all to see since my eyes blind my mind of things i see. Wont the truth be always truth even when my eyes are blinded. For surely truth will always be seen by all that can see. My eyes that was told not to See now keeps the pain blinded from my heart for me. Do i even want this memory that my mind made unseen. Or stay a blinded person that cant see the truth infront of me would that make me a fool that cant see whats all around me. What if the truth unseen will change the life that is seen. What if my mind lets my heart see will it keep it the unseen or will the truth be to much for the heart to see and change everything else my eyes perceive. What do my eyes, mind, and heart choose for me what do i do this is too complex for me. So i block It all out guess there is no truth for me.

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