What is She?

She was all the diamonds in the sky
Everyone tried to mine her
All the way from earth
Up to the galaxy
Taking a rocket-ship to outer space
Just to get a glimpse of her sparkle
Her priceless appearance dazzled all
A joy to see
Lighting up the night sky
Brings happiness to all who see
So they try to confiscate
Her everlasting love
To have for themselves
But it was guarded with the cruelest spell
And they left as hopeless
As they would ever be
Without the ability to love
She was a delicate rose
So soft to the touch
But everyone had to have her petals
And she was so kind
That she gave them all away
Until she had none left
Because her heart was as big as the earth
Though the world was so cruel they took her for granted
Now she is just a stem
Mistaken for a weed
But little does the world know that all her taken petals will return home
To become more
And no longer will she be a flower
Now a weed
She will be the most beautiful pasture
That no one will be able to touch

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