What is Success?

What is success?
For maybe, it is merely the conception
that the many travails of our past
wounded us for a purpose.
Though perhaps not,
perhaps it is simply an outcome of curiosity
the idea that when we questioned the colors of the sky
we would receive rain.
Under the glistening sun we lay, serenely staring up at the clouds as they travel past us.
the sky becomes cinderblock,
and the clouds, to ceiling lights
we close our eyes, because there is nothing to see.
tasks are commanded
like slaves, we must learn.
knowledge doesn't derive from robotic creatures
but instead from those who produced them.
life’s not fair, in a certain way
but how to obtain success
is a mystery
it isn’t hard to capture
only hard to keep
don’t let it run away too soon,
for you only get one single chance
until you can solely weep.

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