what is true freedom?

Some may ask what is true freedom
True freedom is physical, mental, and social
True freedom is free therefore is should be reserved
True freedom flows through the lips and is felt in the
Who are we without it?
It cures the illness of the past
and paves the broken roads of the future
Freedom isn't deceitful, injustice is deceitful
Injustice is the chains that held people down years ago
and divides the world today
Senselessness results from the absence of justice
Yet unity is brought back with equality
Senselessness is dwelling on prejudice and contempt
It burns the soul and evicts the mind
It shuts the eye and points the finger
Yet freedom erases the hate and writes the love
Freedom seems cheap yet is priceless
So I ask again, who are we without it?
We are caged souls and true freedom is the key

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