What is wrong with Periods?

Written By Ria Gandhi
Once I asked a women what's wrong with periods?
They are filthy she said
The pain in her mind I read,
She had such a fixed belief,
I pondered in which direction did her thoughts lead .
I asked wasn't she a woman 
She's dirty when on period,
Is what she replied.
I wanted to tell her that it's powerful,
Women of valour and strength are we, 
I knew she wouldn't listen, 
And do you think such beliefs will set her free?
She is like a bird ,
Who doesn't wish to fly ,
Because of some people who told her a lie;
That men are superior than women,
And their needs women should cater ,
Is that why we took a step in this world?
I wish I could explain her,
That periods don't make you dirty,
It's a treasure which all women have,
A pure soul is hygienic,
I wish all her problems I could fix.
She isn't allowed to cook,
She sleeps on the floor .
These beliefs were made to serve her ,
But they only make her suffer .
She does her devoirs when she is told,
Then why the pain she endures is untold.
I wish women like her start saying that periods aren't filthy,
It makes women invincible,
Because they have the power to create.

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